Consciously Connecting to Humanity

“In The Sovereignty of the Mind is Birthed The Divinity of the Soul”
Rev. Brenda Braden

My vision is to create community; a community that functions as supporting entities comprised of businesses embodying integrity, honor, and compassion. I believe we can truly create commerce in a manner that supports all, where we do not have to compromise ourselves, our planet, or our businesses in order to live prosperously.  Let me and my team assist you in creating this in your world.

Surround yourself with the people who love it when you shine.

Brenda Braden
Is a trained creative expert in streamlining, promoting and expanding your business ventures and goals:
Inspires individuals and business owners to expand into a greater sphere of influence to enhance and accelerate their life and business experience.
Offers alternative ways of improving productivity.
Facilitates team relationships, cooperation.
Encourages team members, managers and department heads to create an environment of cooperation, collaboration, stream-lined communications.
Facilitates Lean Business practices for small or large businesses resulting in greater profit margins.
Creatively establishes connections within and outside the business and personal relationships to expand and improve results and goals.
Promotes businesses and entrepreneurs in the community to facilitate win-win relationships and results.
Cooperatively creates powerful branding for individuals and businesses.
Establishes internet presence to promote your area of expertise through branding and social media.
Supports you in becoming the business and community influence you choose to have.

What sets us apart from the rest….How we finish:

You are the one with the dream, my team and I are the facilitators, coaches and assistance in making that dream come true. We will guide you, be candid with you and ask questions that have you digging deep within yourself to pull out your gifts and light. How you finish is up to you..