How connected are you?

As I take the pulse of my connection here on this earth, here in the meat suit we call human form; I was made aware of how busy I have become.  This busy-ness has brought to attention that I and my business partner had become inconsistent in our daily meditations.  These daily meditations are what has guided us to the success we have been seeing in our business to date.

Note: Did you notice busy-ness also looks much like business?

Could it be part of the human condition, where we equate busy-ness to our own success or value?  Somewhere in every culture we are taught to be diligent, work hard, stay focused, and be seen.  Some will do not so nice things to be seen and others give of themselves so much to be seen that there is nothing left at the end of the day.

Yesterday when we had our focus meeting, my business partner, Dr. Cassandra Campbell arrived with her tablet that she uses while meditating.  She brought a great piece of knowledge and information to our chat yesterday that was given to her in images while she meditated.

Have you seen The Dark Crystal?  It is a Jim Henson (the man who created the Muppets) film.

THE WORLD OF THE DARK CRYSTAL:  Another world. Another time. In the Age of Wonder.

A thousand years ago, this land was green and good. Until The Crystal cracked. For a single piece was lost – a Shard of The Crystal. Then strife began and two new races appeared: the cruel Skeksis; the gentle Mystics.

How is life right here right now like this 1982 film?  If you have seen the film you know how it ends.  My questions is as you look at the fragmentations of yourself each day, when you come in contact with others. Will you embrace and transform the not so pleasant pieces or will you resist and fight to be right, be better than, be controller, be seen no matter what the cost?   This movie is available on Netflix currently.



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