Fear, Control, and Imprisonment how we create it.

Previously I wrote about The Dark Crystal. How does the fear of one race, the control of one race, the cannibalism of one race reflect the world we live in today?

Much like this movie, we as a human race have created the haves and the have nots, the worthy and the unworthy. We see it in the government establishments. In the USA right now we are preparing for Presidential election. Taking all political affiliation out of the picture and just looking at the foundation and come from place, what does a true leader embody?

What does your soul align with? It is harmony, love, good for all or is it eat or be eaten mentality? In the past few years we have seen many organizations pop up to help those less fortunate. It is important to be aware of the word “help” and how we show up to help. Whether you look at biblical terms or at terms of a Master, Teacher, or Leader it does not matter, what matters is whether the people being helped are being empowered or just being taken care of.

Empowerment teaches those we come in contact with to become the Teacher or Master of their world. Taking care of is the illusion that one’s world will be made better by the Teacher or Master’s presence. We see this in corporations, in governments, and in families.

When looking at socialized/government programs developed that instill apathy, separation, and the prison of not being able to get far enough ahead to actually break free. We see how one system is created in the eyes of helping but truly is a system of imprisonment.

When we look at community (tribe), where all come together tapping into the gifts within each individual, creating solution and fulfilling a need. We see people empowered and expanded. These people grow and learn and have a spark. They are fueled, feel valued and expand into further creation. Much different than those set up in subsidized housing, living on just enough to keep them alive and trodding off to a job that feeds the system of government funded programs through taxation and paying dues.


Living the life of Conscious Culture™


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