Birthday Celebration

Celebration is human nature.  We humans, no matter what culture, find reasons to celebrate.   We have indoctrinated them into the cultural formula so much that we even give each person a minimum of 1 personal celebration a year.

On this anniversary of my birth into physical form, I wake feeling like I have just been born into this life fresh, vibrant, excited, truly excited about life.  When we are children, it seems like it takes forever for a birthday to come, but as we move through the calendar years the days fly by and it seems like we just had a birthday.  I could speculate and postulate on why this is, but that is not what I am to do in this writing.

Each night before sleep there is a ritual that goes on between my mind, my body and my connection to Source/my Higher Self.  I listen to a chosen 15 minute music meditation and do deep breathing letting the thoughts and responsibilities of the day go. When that is complete, I talk to each part of my body, giving gratitude for all it has done for me today.  Our body gives us access to life, smells, tastes, pleasures and delights.  Our body sustains great pressure and pushes on even when it wants to stop.  It definitely has earned a few minutes of praise, gratitude and blessings.  Yes I said blessings.  There has been a positive shift in my body since I stopped and actually connected and talked to my body.  I say things like bless my lungs, thank you so much for oxygenation of my body; you are so loved, honored and appreciated.  Interestingly enough, the severe asthma that had lived in my body for more than 40 years has just about disappeared.

We take our body into all types of situations, stress it out, dehydrate it, poison it, and then stand in the mirror and condemn it.  The body does not have a fighting chance at that rate.  We have all done our share of that at some time or other in this life.  I have found that as I work internally on my connection to Source, consciously paying attention to how I feel physically and emotionally, my body and well-being has changed.  Paying attention to what I feed my body is important.  This is not only food, but also my thoughts and words. Choosing to focus on speaking and thinking the positive and seeking out well being and miracles around me has really made a positive impact on my life.  So, on this anniversary of being birthed into physical form I celebrate the exuberance of life and all of the people that have touched my world over the many years assisting me in becoming the best me ever.


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