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IntentionAs we roll into the weekend remembering all who have lost their life, come home maimed either physically or emotionally and those who are still imprisoned or declared MIA; there is a bigger picture at hand.  This is not only a time to remember the soldiers on every continent in every area of the world, but a time to become aware of the loss of innocence and the propagation of war to feed a select elite few.

The only way we will ever have a different outcome is to create a different response.  It is time for the population known as the 99 percent, worker bees, general population to stand up and create change.

This week alone we have warring going on all over the planet.  Our news media feeds us visions of mass murders, peaceful protests turned deadly and economic collapse on the planet.  This includes the Unites States economic collapse.  For just one moment please consider, if you were in the middle of gun fire and fighting for your life, would you be holding a camera with a narrow scope of vision to capture mass destruction for you social media account?  Reasonable autonomic response of the body would show that it is not physically possible to do this if you truly believe your life could end at any second.

I found it interesting with so many political issues and warring going on that the week leading up to the Day of Remembrance of our Soldiers, our US President Barack Obama was entertaining the winning Super Bowl Team at the White House.  On May 21 The Prez decided to take an unannounced stroll through the park.  Really?  Are the American people this asleep?  What type of security is needed for a man who has so many all over the world not happy with him?  My question is what will surface post this event where the president can say he was strolling through the park speaking to the public and totally unaware. That’s how it was when George Bush was told about 9/11.   Could the Bretton Woods Meeting have anything to do with it?

So on this Memorial Day Holiday, I remember the sovereignty of all and call to the masses to move from fear, open your hearts, come together in love and become the change that is so needed on this planet.  What would a Memorial Day, with true well being for all on the planet look like.  Remembering that we are all connected and that when connected to love all people act in a very different way.

A little history lesson:


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