The Journey

Conscious CultureThe journey has been a long one. We are taught to be prideful of living a diligent, driven, dedicated life. Society defines success on accomplishment, acquisition, and acceptance. The first leg of the journey was survival through childhood. The details of that childhood are irrelevant as they formed me into the patterns and belief systems that propelled me into my young adult life.
My young adult life brought me many diverse experiences and opportunities to test and modify my embedded belief systems. The stories of which really do not matter either, moreover the theme of my ego verses my soul’s calling is what stands out.
So often we get caught up in the story. The story of who did what, all of the obstacles we had to overcome, the reasons we got or didn’t get what we wanted. In the reliving of the story and the reactivation of the feelings we once again activate the sensations in our body. This signals our body and it responds as if it were living that experience over again.
What I have learned in the journey of life is we have the power within us to define and create beauty in our own life. It is not up to anything outside of ourselves; we are the activation and the creator of our life. Each experience that comes our way is in direct relationship to what we speak, do, resist, react to, or claim as our personal experience. When we stop the conditioned mind, turn off all of the tools of desensitization (i.e. television, consumption, moving and entertaining ourselves every moment) and go within; we connect with and activate a different reality.

Namaste’  Be well and remember “In The Sovereignty of the Mind is Birthed The Divinity of the Soul”


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