Expansion into New Awareness

IMG_4112Awareness seems to be at an all time expansion. What has come up recently is exploring at a high level what is going on out there in the world. At a 10,000 foot view it seems like Armageddon, on an internal level it feels like expanded awareness and a recognition that nothing is outside of us.

There has been a part of me that feels called to share information that may be going on in areas that would create more imprisonment for humanity. I know my divine purpose is not to be a front-line warrior as such, but more as one who asks questions. There are definitely areas that I am called to work within though and I do that willingly as I am made aware of what is mine to do.

Recently I shared information on my Facebook page just as an awareness message. Much of the problems we face today are due to the total disconnection of self from all that is. Issues that make their way to the media are usually at a breaking point. There seems to be a lot of violence in the media daily. I ask how much of that is truly real and how much is “False Flag” events made to keep humanity imprisoned.


Looking back at corporate days when there were big RIFs (reduction in work- force) seems to be a good example of this. Watching friends and colleagues sacrifice others to save themselves. We see this happen on every level of humanity today. The duality of reality based in fear. When and where was it decided that one person was more valuable than another? When and where did humanity choose to devour itself in the name of justice? How can life on this planet be deemed as valuable when masses are living in less than humane conditions and those sleeping in their comfortable beds, watching their big screen televisions and shopping online sit idly by saying ahh glad it’s not me? Just as in Corporate RIFs, as the numbers dwindle and the gap grows…what will you do when it is you?

As I opened my FB page today and read a response from someone energetically I felt the “jab” judgment from that person. WE ALL do it at some time in our life, some of us more than others. We sit is a state of projection outside of ourselves up on that self made pillar looking down casting energetic arrows at the world around us. There is a level of consciousness that is propagated by lobbing such arrows back and forth at one another.
In these lobbing of these arrows, fear and survival are entrenched deeper into the pathways of humanity. My initial response was personal hurt. I heard every negative thing that had ever been said to me over this lifetime and felt the pains of embarrassment, shame, regret and remorse. Then, I realized that if I had shared something that was deemed “note worthy or valid” in this person’s eyes there might have been praise or gratitude. None of this really matters though. Neither side of the fence is where I desire to reside as both are anchored in ego.

Nothing is outside of me; every aspect that is presented outside of me is something within that has risen to the top to be healed. After a few minutes of questioning “What is this reaction about?” (my reaction and no one else’s), I was once again reminded that I am the Perfection of life in this reality, I create the experiences that come my way and when I choose to step out of duality, polarity and adjust my own internal navigation system, life easily continues on a smooth path. When I choose judgment or emotion that does not support the purity of my Soul, I am provided an energetic awareness that I am navigating away from my designated path. So, I write for me and only for me, if other use is to create awareness in their life or find a piece inspirational great. I forgive myself for any misgivings and embrace myself in the PURENESS of LOVE which is me!
Namaste’ Be well and remember “In The Sovereignty of the Mind is Birthed The Divinity of the Soul”


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