Physicality of Transformation

This past week has brought about the awareness of many physical changes taking place within my human body.  The time is now and procrastination in doing what the body asks for is no longer accepted.  The past 4 days seem to be a lot of sleep, very little desire for solid food and a purging of the built up residues within the body.  At times I feel like I am on a spinning wheel not knowing where I will land next, hot, cold, wide awake and full of energy, barely able to hold my eyes open.  I just surrender, nurture and support my body in the process and work extremely hard to stay out of self  judgement.

Sleep state has been extremely strange as well, with old experiences, people, places, and feelings seeming to work out a plan of transformation.  The old is popping up and the automatic reactions and feelings seem to have disappeared.  What a blessing as the vast majority of the work is done while my conscious mind it in slumber and out of the way.   The process continues and I will continue to post not only what I am going through, but the supportive and enlightening materials that come my way to help during this process.  We are all in this together and we are crowning into a new and blessed awareness of the pureness and love in this new earth.  Keep moving forward, rest when you feel the need, move your body when you feel the need and find ways to keep yourself laughing.

Namaste’ Be well and remember “In The Sovereignty of the Mind is Birthed The Divinity of the Soul”


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