Healing the Physical

This last week has been focused on healing the physical body.  In the midst of starting a digestive cleanse and liquid diet to assist in healing my gut, my days rolled into each other.  When I wasn’t drinking something I was either sleeping or taking short walks.  I would log in and check my email from time to time and was really excited to see this post from Karen Dover.  She writes this week much of what has started to come into my  consciousness full head on.  No room for procrastination or excuses. it’s time to commit.  Here is the Link to Karen’s post.  I will write more about my journey in the next day or two.

It cannot be highlighted enough the requirement to exercise CHOICE in all aspects of this your human life experience. For many of you this may seem a very obvious statement and yet there is much that may appear to be hidden. As I stated on the Beyond the Looking Glass Radio Show we are here in a human vehicle, it is NOT TRUTH to deny this to yourself, many are attempting to look after themselves “spiritually” whilst ignoring their human vehicle or vice versa, there is NO sacrifice in the New Earth and any sacrifice is not supported. In the old 3D earth created reality you are continually TAUGHT that if you receive something or accept something it is to the detriment of someone/something else and this is not TRUTH
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