Coming Out of The Fog

Days have passed; my body is feeling better as is my mind. Clarity and awareness seem to have expanded as I have begun the cleansing of my human vehicle. I have realized a pattern that has turned a corner which in turn has changed my path. The push until you can push no more, keep going no matter what no longer works. We are being called to care for the physical as well as the spiritual and emotional.
This past week as I could no longer push and ignore what my body has been telling me for years. I was guided to really get serious and take care of the only place I truly live, which is my human body. By 28 years of age I had already had kidney stones and begun to have signs of indigestion and food allergies which I had not had before. That should have been a clue right there, but I chose to ignore is and went to allopathic doctors instead of educating myself on curing the issues and changing my behavior.
Last month I was introduced to Dr. Joe Dispenza’s new book You Are the Placebo. I have found his information quite fascinating, and valid from what I know of my own experiences. With the reminder that I have the ability to shift what goes on in my word and the ability to define how I perceive life, I ventured into healing my human body. This process all has to start with getting the body in a state where it can take in nutrition. When the entire system that manages intake to waste has been compromise one must address those issues first. It is kind of like having a clogged drain, using a plunger or drain opening liquid to remove the clog, but if you do not address the entire system and make sure it is completely clear then you will once again have issues.
It is important to note that as your body detoxes, the toxins from everything that you have ever ingested that has not completely passed through your system start to release back into the body. As you start this process if you do not drink a lot of water and juices to rebuild the cells that are releasing, the body will reabsorb the stuff right back into your cells. If you have been on medications for an extended period of time or exposed to chemicals it is important to do this slowly and under the care of a professional that can assist you in managing symptoms.
My process was the typical feeling really icky the first two days and wanting to sleep a lot. As the layers of years of eating and drinking foods that were not good for my body started to wash away, I had one of the strangest experiences I have ever had while doing a detox. I was determined to have my system purged of any residues that had build up over the years. As the days started to pass and the purging continued I was not only purging built up toxins, but I was getting visions of old experiences that I have had in my younger years.

As this process continued the visions I would get were things that I had completely forgotten or things that were certainly not desirable. The one thing I have learned on this journey is that all of my younger years of drinking and partying exposed me to energies that I was not even aware existed. During this purging those energies were also purged.


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