Steve Beckow 7-6-14… “Surfing the Tsunami of Love” or, “Why I feel it’s VERY important for all of us that Steve’s hair is turning brown”

This rings very true in my world today. Although I am not a big proponent of measuring in a linear fashion any more or looking back to calibrate a present moment; I do find it beneficial to have an awareness and acknowledge the well being that is occurring physically, mentally and emotionally. In sharing this with others I also find that it supports a community of well being and assists in the bigger picture of shifting Humanity as a whole. So, here’s to our well being and love of life.

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steve_beckow_brown_hair Steve Beckow, now brown at the crown

Okay, I almost never post Steve’s posts anymore. That is a sign that his messages are on an alternate line than mine. And we reach alternate “audiences”.

However, Steve has been a very strong and significant influence in my life’s experience since I “met” him online, I believe from our joint association with Mark Huber (“Commander Mark”). It may be that was around 2008. At some point I realized that although we had slightly differing paths, we were in the same process, Ascension… in consciousness.

I was speaking today with T&G, and she mentioned the grand energetic up-shift during the last 48 hours. And I have noticed how many of the “things that bother me”, are not bothering me anymore. In my case, the sense is that I’m releasing some major inner blocks, almost as soon as I am confronted with them.


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