Here’s To The Box ~ I AM Love In Action

I have been being urged from within to write, and every time I sit down to do so I go blank. Well, tonight the nudge turned into a push in the pool (baptism).  Early this afternoon I received an email requesting I attend a prayer vigil being held for all of those in Hawaii during the hurricane that is approaching the islands. In my heart I know there is a more divine plan than mine, there is a bigger picture than I can see and that when I show up I will be guided with right timing and right action.

Tonight was no different; I showed up and followed my guidance. Within about 5 minutes of the call I knew I was in for a test of pure compassion and non-judgment. I was please to not have emotional reaction to the call or the people on the call and I hung up when I was guided to do so. This was an opening I had not expected, but this ascension trip is one where you are not allowed baggage so I openly keep stepping forward with gratitude and trust in the divine plan at this time.

I can tell you that those on the other side really have a great sense of humor; I can hear them laughing now. So, you can’t find anything to write about? Here you go we will provide an opportunity and a message. I am being shown how quickly I can manifest the very things I do not want to experience.

This morning I was sharing an awareness I had of personal perception, the perception we have of ourselves that keeps us in a box. This box is designed in response to our perception of whom and what we are in this world as we interact with others. The box is formed out of condemnation, criticism, praise, and acceptance and all of the variations of judgment. That is how one defines themselves as a cool kid, rebels or a misfit.

I was sharing the realization that my box was formed around my physical appearance and my orientation. My box is my very own, created by me in response to the experiences and interactions I have had during my life on this planet. I have always been a more masculine energy. No matter how hard my mom tried to get me to carry a purse or wear a dress it just didn’t feel right. Then by the age of 10 or 11 I also started to figure out that I also wasn’t drawn to boys like the other girls were. No matter how hard I tried I just couldn’t make that one feel right either. This was the beginning; there were 2 sides of my box. Over the next 20 years there were many experiences, shifts, changes, and of course more sides to the box, until I was completely covered and feeling safe within the boundaries I had created for myself. If I step this far I am safe, but if I step over there it is not safe (i.e. comfort zone).

We define ourselves in so many ways trying to fit in that by the time we are out of our 20’s we have built a very strong box and often find ourselves isolated, wondering “is there any place for I fit” or resort to the belief of “well this is just the life I was dealt so I will have to deal with it”.

The past eight years have brought much change and awareness to my world, layers have peeled off, self love and well being has poured in and there is an inner peace that resides within. My paradigm is so different than much of humanity experiences and the vast majority of my time I am not exposed to hatred or ill will so tonight really surprised me.

Tonight I answered the call of service and lent my energies to the healing of the planet. I thought I was showing up to send love and healing to the lands of Hawaii, which I did. Little did I know that the healing that took place would actually end up being within my own being, a gift of self healing and forgiveness. The call started out very loving with prayers of well being and quickly turned to prayers of separation, judgment and condemnation.

Ignorance is painful not only to those on the receiving end, but also to those who miss out because of their hatred and loathing.

I quickly was immersed in my box and provided an opportunity to choose. Choose to follow my path of love and compassion in even the most challenging situations or jump up in condemnation of those who helped me build my box. Typically these are not part of my paradigm or walking reality, but are truly a gift of realization.  The realization of how rapidly I truly create my world with every thought, every conversation and every expression of fear or separation I embody. I AM Love In Action, I AM Open Hearted Compassion and I AM Set FREE. The box has started to come apart at the seams and I AM left in gratitude.

“In The Sovereignty of the Mind is Birthed The Divinity of the Soul”


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