A Day of Celebration!! 15 Years of Raising Alecz

Today marks 15 years since my little man popped into this world and changed me forever.   This journey has been the best training ground for me.  That has not always been my knowing, but through much internal shifting I know it to be truth now. Many years ago I declared I wanted to stop the familial cycle that had gone on through my lineage.  I had no idea what I had declared at the time, and boy what a ride it has been.  In that DECLARATION I was given Alecz.  He came forth to change me which in turn changed the pattern throughout my lineage.

We start out doing everything for our infants, that is the only way they survive.  This begins a pattern though, a pattern of belief.  In belief we create limitation, pain and suffering or all parties.  Belief is separation from the INNER KNOWING.  INNER KNOWING is where the TRUTH of our SOUL that comes through.  Through the societal systems we have been programmed to ignore that INNER VOICE and move with the crowd, blend in, don’t make trouble, keep quiet.

In the 15 years of raising Alecz I have repeatedly been challenged to dig deeper within myself and to see my son as a BEing with his own life path.  I know we chose each other to walk this journey, stretch one another and learn how to trust life at every turn. I am so proud of my son, he fought me every step of the way as we struggled with the school system, as I attempted to put him in a box or category, as I saw limitation instead of asking what I was to learn from this experience.  He is truly my teacher as much as I am his.

What I have learned is Alecz has a path guided from within his human vessel, he is very strong in his conviction to be his own person. When anyone has attempted to see him as less than perfect he has pushed back and told them there is nothing wrong with him.   In TRUTH he is perfect and in TRUTH he came into human form to expand.  This expansion is what tests him and me on a consistent basis.  I say I am here to guide him and give him tools, but what I am learning is he is here to guide me and give me tools just as much.

Happy Birthday Alecz..you have changed me forever and I am forever grateful.

3 monthsalecz3-2010





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