Illusions and Pacification

Who deemed you powerless?  When does someone else come along to make “your” world better?  My insides churn to put words to print and call forth the divine presence within each person on this planet. In my research to create affordable housing for our community I have searched the web high and low on many different social media platforms. My quest will prevail, and I along with a small team we have built will create a model that many will find pleasing.  That is not why this burning desire comes forth though.

The desire comes forth as I see pages of destruction and tabloid news all enmeshed within the one another. One side of the page speaks to “entertainers’ marriage issues” the other to gruesome issue that my soul won’t even allow my hands to repeat.  Then there the consumerist addictions of having the latest revision of the newest gadget to soothe that inner burning that says your life sucks so stuff it with a product to pacify your apathy.

My insides want to scream and shout “People put down your pacifiers, and wake the @#!k up.” We are the change; we are the ones’ who are here to make our life better.  It is our job to educate ourselves, look deeper into what the media propagates and use our own inner intelligence to shift our local communities. The community which radiates out to our states and country.

No one is going to save you and if you are the survivalist type hunkered down with your snickers and Uzi waiting for the end to come, get up and do something proactive. Rambo is just a movie character and would not have survived what he lived through in the movies.  We need you on the front lines now, educating people on how to empower themselves.

The media posts of journalist James Foley are sad and unfortunate.  If you really look closer and pay attention to a history of economic recovery based on war, we are in need of an economic recovery.  The true 9/11 facts are coming to the surface and what was reported to the public is not entirely what happened.  That event was the beginning of US citizens allowing their constitutional rights to be violated.  The beginning of fear, control and domination of the masses began.   Hatred and suspicion became an accepted way of life in many communities. Profiling a broader scope of people just made it easier to control racial groups.  Humanity is calling for peace, our Millennials’ are better equipped, less tolerant of oppression and ready for a change.  It takes all of us though; we didn’t get here over night or by accident.  We have allowed this to happen every time we kept silent when we should have spoken up, when we looked away and pretended things we saw weren’t happening.  We are responsible and now it is time to be accountable.

In the midst of this, so many are calling for a better way of life, seeking  humane conditions for all people and animals and healing of our planet that has been used and abused.  Could it be possible that James Foley is just one more sacrifice in an attempt to keep the illusion of fear, threat, control and domination active in our cultures?

I am not saying that these atrocities are not happening. What I am saying is, start to look closer at many of the war pictures being posted on our US media sites. Pictures of Middle Eastern men in trucks, in full dressed gear with temperatures of 100+ degrees and humidity of 10 % or better, but none have a bead of sweat on them.  There are pictures of men who have supposedly been in battle, but their uniforms are pressed and clean. Look closer, look deeper, be a truly engaged and informed citizen so when you see our soldiers come home maimed and disfigured you can truly understand their sacrifice.  A sacrifice made with good intentions tricked by a group who line their pockets and lie to the public with straight faces.

Some of the pictures posted of Gaza are of men going to join forces, dressed in white pants, polos and sandals….really people…..we are so consumed with the latest news on Madonna, Justin Timberlake, Ice bucket challenges and crimes committed around us, that we have turned off our true connection to life. Our reasoning skills dulled by over exhaustion from external stimulation.

Right now, this moment, how do you feel? What are you passionate about? What in your life brings true fulfillment? Are you hopeful and excited about our future or are you just waiting for someone to make it all better?

If each person would stand up, pick one thing bigger than themselves and become the change for that message, we would come together for the common good of all.  Our world would change rapidly and it would not be left on the shoulders of our young people. We all allowed this to happen, the separation, judgment, and apathy. We pass this onto our children even if we do not tell them directly. We model it in our day to day lives. So, instead of sitting in front of the television night after night, do something, anything, to make your immediate surroundings better.

That doesn’t mean paying it forward by buying the coffee for the next 10 Starbucks customers. That means taking a shut in a meal, volunteering at your child’s school, helping someone new to our country learn the English language, mow the elderly neighbors lawn. Take your kids to the library and find something good to read that stimulates forward moving conversation.

If all of that seems like too much work, then please sit quietly for 5 minutes each day, bring the feeling of joy and bliss into your heart and see our planet immersed in it. One way or another we are going to bring peace and positive change to our lives and it starts with YOU!!!

It is time to #BEPEACE while we #PRAYFORPEACE and #LOVEOURSELVES. That is the only thing that will quell the disruption and destruction going on. It all starts within.

Namaste’ Be well and Remember “In The Sovereignty of the Mind is Birthed The Divinity of the Soul”

This article is copyrighted, but you have my permission to share it through any medium as long as it is offered for FREE, it is not altered, and the proper credit line and website is included. Thank You.

©2014 Brenda Braden All Rights Reserved

The information in this sharing is being given to Humanity by the Beings of Light holding you in their highest regards. The Divine Intent of this sharing is to encourage, empower, uplift, and inspire Humanity as we move into the deeper understanding of who we really are.

#bethepeace #consciousculture


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