Lullaby for the Monkey Mind

One morning I woke with the craving for Bananas; although I was hesitant I went ahead and ate one. Well what came next was certainly unforeseen…I slipped on the peel and out came the Monkey Mind.
You know the mind that just runs on and on no matter how much you tell it to be quiet? It notices and relates all the stuff you have consciously chosen to move your attention away from. Then you find yourself moving away from the purity of daily practice that kept you feeling finely tuned. Next thing you know you are sitting in the midst of a world you thought you had left behind. It happens to all of us, some are better at navigating the rapids but all are empowered to smoothly come into shore. It took a bit of work, diligent guidance every time it started to wander into the wood and clear pure love for life in this moment of time to corral my little Monkey Mind.
I find it so interesting that when one thinks they are on the brink of completion of a path, life shows up to make sure you are really got it. This evolution of life, the pure perfection of the divine within expressed in human form, the knee jerk reactions of free will all are like a finely tuned instrument. Mine plays a little off key from time to time, but I am happy to say that practice has lead me to stay in tune for longer stints and recognize more quickly when I need to go back to basics and just be.
Now for a little basics from Ricki BB of Agape Church…Thanks for singing to my Monkey Mind..He is now happily back in tune.


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