The Energizer Blessing

This week when I went to get my oil changed, my maintenance report came back with a note that my battery was bad. In my mind, I was baffled. How could this be? I turned the ignition on and it started, I drove back and forth to town no problem; so how could I have a bad battery? I take my truck over to the auto parts store so they can test it. The store is busy, the manager is the only employee waiting on customers, the phone is ringing with no one answering it and by all appearances it is utter chaos.
I’m standing there thinking gosh I don’t want to have to buy a battery, and if it is bad I sure hope it is still under warranty. Fifteen or so minutes pass and it is finally my turn, the man behind the counter, Frank is his name, looks me straight in the eye, lets out a big sigh smiles and says “How may I serve you?” Something about his energy just fills my Being with and overwhelming love that almost brings me to tears.
I tell Frank my issue and we proceed out the door to test the battery. The test reveals it is bad, but I have some credit left on the warranty and I don’t have to pay full price for a new one. That was blessing number two. Blessing number one was the issue was realized before I was stranded on the roadside or in my driveway.
I get all of the paper work done, make payment and prepare myself for going out to change out the battery in the parking lot. Frank says “I’ll take care of it for you; you don’t have to do it yourself.” Blessing number three just happened and all in less than an hour.
Frank changed out the battery, but he did more than just drop in a new battery. He cleaned the terminals, provided a new clean bolt for the terminal and did all of this with love and care in service to me.
As I stood there and talked to Frank while he was working the conversation of work and opening of a new store came up. He looked at me and asked…”You wouldn’t by chance be looking for a job would you?” Blessing number FOUR!!


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