:) :) :) WATERING THE FLOWERS OF YOUR LIFE, by Mia Feroleto . . . talk about moving into a positive time line!!! :) ~J

This is an amazing post and clearly speaks to what many of us on the planet are experiencing.

2012: What's the 'real' truth?

I recently published Mia’s first article for Veterans Today, which many of you found very positive, Growing a new economy in America, by Mia Feroleto. This new, enthusiastic article by Mia has captured my imagination, as I believe it will yours! ~J


Over the next few months and into the early part of 2015 I will experience my second Saturn return. For those who know something about astrology, you know Saturn returns are a time of restructuring, of throwing out what doesn’t work in one’s life and making choices that are workable. With this aspect has come a desire to manifest goals I have held sacred for many years but have not quite been able to bring to life. With the knowledge that soon I will turn 59, I have reached a point where I am compelled to harness my energies to move forward, to create something lasting and…

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