Illusion or Reality? The knowing is Freedom.

It’s 6:30, I’ve been up for an hour and am on my 2nd cup of coffee. I do love a good cup of dark roast in the morning.

Over the past month or so, layers continue to shift, merge and completely change my daily reality. Living in a small community, with a less than diverse culture has proven a great training ground for me to continue to expand and explore my own beliefs and perspectives. I decided I wanted expansion and something different and boy did I manifest that opportunity well.

This past week, I thought that all of the vision and perspective of owning a business, continuing to pursue my deepest desires and living in the totality of my personal freedom was not working the way I wanted it to. This lead me to apply for jobs, which I haven’t really actively done in over seven years. I have had interviews and have even had job offers. Let’s just say there is nothing like thinking the grass is greener on the other side of the fence, stepping on a different lawn and realizing your lawn is actually quite nice.

As a result of my latest experiment, I will be using my experiences to continue to grow and expand my company.

Yesterday after showing up early to a job interview, waiting 25 minutes after our scheduled appointment time for the interviewer to show up, and sitting in an environment that had my body feeling like it was in a capsule being submerged deep into the ocean, I realized I just needed to refresh my perspective on life. At minute 26 I got up and left to explore what was next. It’s getting faster….only 26 minutes of discomfort before I moved on.

On my way home I stopped at the store. In the parking lot there was a man holding a sign. The sign read “Please help Lost my job Have a wife and 4 kids” I thought to myself, every day that I don’t have new clients I have lost my job. I left my wife almost 5 years ago and I only have 1 kid, but what keeps me from holding a sign? That thought lead me to do the strangest thing.

I pulled up to the man and asked “What leads you to pick up a sign and stand on the corner?” He started to tell me his story, which was a conglomeration of poor choice and history that really didn’t matter today. I told him, my question was not out of judgment, but was pure curiosity of what separated me and my choices from him and his choices.
This man said he makes $250 to $300 a day standing on a corner, holding a sign. It provides money for him to eat when he is between jobs and at times homeless.

My realization of “Sign People” (a sign that sends a message of ”help” or “pity me”) and how they serve humanity.  Everyday, people find compassion or feel the desire to give this man money. In talking to him, I find out that his wife and kids don’t even live with him nor has he seen them in months. The bottom line is, he makes tax free money at the rate of $30.00+ an hour for flying a sign and touching people’s hearts. It doesn’t matter how he touches their heart; he is an energetic response to all of the Souls out there seeking someone to help, save, or feel superior to.  He is our physical manifestation of lack.  Lack of connection, lack of Divine Knowing, and lack of well being. Without him we would not have the opportunity to confirm all of our beliefs of separation.

I am starting to realize and truly understand the energetic makeup of this human life. Every judgment, every perception of life, every perception of separation shows up as an experience in daily life. This experience can be on the periphery or it can be an in your face, feel it, see it, taste it type of thing. It can be pleasurable or painful or anything in between.Side Note: You will not see me “flying a sign”, I can’t stand still that long in one place.

I do challenge you to face your perception of life head on today. I challenge you to honor that inner feeling and move through the perceived obstacles and barriers as if they were questions on a school paper.

What if your life was a hypothesis in a science project, and you were living out theories as your daily interaction or reaction to life’s substance? How would you tweak the equation? What formula changes would you make? What does life feel like when reality is an observation and shifting of perspective instead of a personal attack or perceived karmic debt? By the way, my company is still open for business, my vision is clearer and my heart is open to receive the guidance to my next grand adventure.


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