The Fork in the Road

From The Complete Works of Florence Scovel SHINN  Books from 1925 – 1940  Born Sept 24,1871 Died Oct. 17, 1940

Choose you this day whom ye shall serve.  Josh: 24:15

Every day is new and there is choice in each moment.  Each day upon waking we get to choose to live life on terms and directives other than our own desires, we can reason and rationalize in our minds or we can choose the magic path of intuition.

Intuition is a spiritual faculty high above the reasoning mind, but on that path is all you desire and require.  Prayer is telephoning God and intuition is God telephoning you. ( It’s a correspondence course)

So, Choose ye this day and follow the magic path of intuition.  It is free and it is your divine connection with the source that beats your heart.  I once had a friend that would say “Darn, I turned intuition into a decision”.  That meant that she allowed her mind to reason her out of her inner gut feeling of the proper path to take.




A Day of Awakening

A tribute my daughter Megan Desiree Hutchinson 9-8-1997 – 12-9-1997. You came for a brief moment that 8th day of September in 1997. You may have left physically, but you are still here guiding me. You sparked the beginning of my journey to realize I am more than just a body and mind. Thank you for teaching me unconditional love.