Immeasurable Gifts in Disguise

In a world of push, drive and speed we often are moving so fast or looking so far into the future, the present moment is a blur.  Each experience is defined through a series of filters, dissected to microscopic detail and packed into a feeling.  The result of that feeling is not always spoken, but can be seen in our outer waking world as “our life”.

Giving does not always show up as a gift wrapped in a box or a trip to an exotic land. Each day immeasurable and invisible gifts are given and many times defined as tragedy or wrong doing.  In each and every tragedy there are gifts that come about, people are brought together, hearts open and expand in emergency to assist those in need, families come together to rally for a loved one.  These are not things that happen only in tragic publicized atrocities, these are things that happen in many private lives, often looking something like this.

I am a small child who came early by your definition, but right on time by the Divine plan, God’s plan.  The medical teams have learned to work together and bring science beyond where it has ever been because of my arrival.  The family I came into have all stopped for a moment, taken time away from hurried agendas of others to be together in love and compassion for my life.  Complete strangers have been made aware that I am here and now they take a moment longer to hold and hug their children as they count their blessings and give gratitude for the many good things going on in their lives.

Over a period of months my story continues, it is put on social media, I am added to prayer lists, people donate out of their own pockets to assist my family and each time someone reads my story their heart cracks open a little more, compassion and gratitude rush in a little more a prayer is lifted up for me.  I did not come to play in the streets and live to someone’s agenda, I came with a Divine purpose; that Divine purpose is to touch those around me, bring people together with a focus of good, exemplify pure love without agenda or strings attached.  I came for a while and I will leave before you are ready for me to go, but I will have left this world better than when I arrived.

I am a gift; now how do you see me?  Do you see me as tragic life lost or do you see me as God’s secret agent of change, sent as a drastic measure to divert attention long enough to stop the human race and bring them closer to the realization there is something greater than themselves?  I see you, I am amongst you and I lovingly whisper in your ear as you grieve for a world of love, compassion and community.


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