Brenda BradenBrenda Braden left a 24 year corporate career in the engineering field in 2008.  She had no idea that choosing to take a corporate package during a downsizing would lead to the work she does today.

The journey has been one of challenge, introspection, and multiple attempts at things she thought she might like to do in life.  They say that “One who never fails has never tried.” and Brenda says “There is no such thing as failure, it is all scientific experiment and she does it because she can.”

Through a series of events that her soul pulled her into, she has finally surfaced with greater internal drive and connection to an inner knowing.  A connection and inner peace that she had never experienced even at her highest periods in life.

These days you will see Brenda Braden in many places as she continues to be the connector, networker and bridge in individual’s lives as well as a trusted leader and change agent in business development.  Her ability to see things from the 5000 foot view, build out effective and co-operative teams, and connect with people at their level no matter their background is the gift that she naturally bestows on those she comes in contact with.  It is the essence of who she is and has lead her to a renewed passion for life and a broader more expanded perception of humanity.

She is one of the visionary leaders co-creating Conscious Culture™ through our work done in Campden Enterprises LLC