Illusion or Reality? The knowing is Freedom.

It’s 6:30, I’ve been up for an hour and am on my 2nd cup of coffee. I do love a good cup of dark roast in the morning.

Over the past month or so, layers continue to shift, merge and completely change my daily reality. Living in a small community, with a less than diverse culture has proven a great training ground for me to continue to expand and explore my own beliefs and perspectives. I decided I wanted expansion and something different and boy did I manifest that opportunity well.

This past week, I thought that all of the vision and perspective of owning a business, continuing to pursue my deepest desires and living in the totality of my personal freedom was not working the way I wanted it to. This lead me to apply for jobs, which I haven’t really actively done in over seven years. I have had interviews and have even had job offers. Let’s just say there is nothing like thinking the grass is greener on the other side of the fence, stepping on a different lawn and realizing your lawn is actually quite nice.

As a result of my latest experiment, I will be using my experiences to continue to grow and expand my company.

Yesterday after showing up early to a job interview, waiting 25 minutes after our scheduled appointment time for the interviewer to show up, and sitting in an environment that had my body feeling like it was in a capsule being submerged deep into the ocean, I realized I just needed to refresh my perspective on life. At minute 26 I got up and left to explore what was next. It’s getting faster….only 26 minutes of discomfort before I moved on.

On my way home I stopped at the store. In the parking lot there was a man holding a sign. The sign read “Please help Lost my job Have a wife and 4 kids” I thought to myself, every day that I don’t have new clients I have lost my job. I left my wife almost 5 years ago and I only have 1 kid, but what keeps me from holding a sign? That thought lead me to do the strangest thing.

I pulled up to the man and asked “What leads you to pick up a sign and stand on the corner?” He started to tell me his story, which was a conglomeration of poor choice and history that really didn’t matter today. I told him, my question was not out of judgment, but was pure curiosity of what separated me and my choices from him and his choices.
This man said he makes $250 to $300 a day standing on a corner, holding a sign. It provides money for him to eat when he is between jobs and at times homeless.

My realization of “Sign People” (a sign that sends a message of ”help” or “pity me”) and how they serve humanity.  Everyday, people find compassion or feel the desire to give this man money. In talking to him, I find out that his wife and kids don’t even live with him nor has he seen them in months. The bottom line is, he makes tax free money at the rate of $30.00+ an hour for flying a sign and touching people’s hearts. It doesn’t matter how he touches their heart; he is an energetic response to all of the Souls out there seeking someone to help, save, or feel superior to.  He is our physical manifestation of lack.  Lack of connection, lack of Divine Knowing, and lack of well being. Without him we would not have the opportunity to confirm all of our beliefs of separation.

I am starting to realize and truly understand the energetic makeup of this human life. Every judgment, every perception of life, every perception of separation shows up as an experience in daily life. This experience can be on the periphery or it can be an in your face, feel it, see it, taste it type of thing. It can be pleasurable or painful or anything in between.Side Note: You will not see me “flying a sign”, I can’t stand still that long in one place.

I do challenge you to face your perception of life head on today. I challenge you to honor that inner feeling and move through the perceived obstacles and barriers as if they were questions on a school paper.

What if your life was a hypothesis in a science project, and you were living out theories as your daily interaction or reaction to life’s substance? How would you tweak the equation? What formula changes would you make? What does life feel like when reality is an observation and shifting of perspective instead of a personal attack or perceived karmic debt? By the way, my company is still open for business, my vision is clearer and my heart is open to receive the guidance to my next grand adventure.


A Day of Celebration!! 15 Years of Raising Alecz

Today marks 15 years since my little man popped into this world and changed me forever.   This journey has been the best training ground for me.  That has not always been my knowing, but through much internal shifting I know it to be truth now. Many years ago I declared I wanted to stop the familial cycle that had gone on through my lineage.  I had no idea what I had declared at the time, and boy what a ride it has been.  In that DECLARATION I was given Alecz.  He came forth to change me which in turn changed the pattern throughout my lineage.

We start out doing everything for our infants, that is the only way they survive.  This begins a pattern though, a pattern of belief.  In belief we create limitation, pain and suffering or all parties.  Belief is separation from the INNER KNOWING.  INNER KNOWING is where the TRUTH of our SOUL that comes through.  Through the societal systems we have been programmed to ignore that INNER VOICE and move with the crowd, blend in, don’t make trouble, keep quiet.

In the 15 years of raising Alecz I have repeatedly been challenged to dig deeper within myself and to see my son as a BEing with his own life path.  I know we chose each other to walk this journey, stretch one another and learn how to trust life at every turn. I am so proud of my son, he fought me every step of the way as we struggled with the school system, as I attempted to put him in a box or category, as I saw limitation instead of asking what I was to learn from this experience.  He is truly my teacher as much as I am his.

What I have learned is Alecz has a path guided from within his human vessel, he is very strong in his conviction to be his own person. When anyone has attempted to see him as less than perfect he has pushed back and told them there is nothing wrong with him.   In TRUTH he is perfect and in TRUTH he came into human form to expand.  This expansion is what tests him and me on a consistent basis.  I say I am here to guide him and give him tools, but what I am learning is he is here to guide me and give me tools just as much.

Happy Birthday have changed me forever and I am forever grateful.

3 monthsalecz3-2010




Here’s To The Box ~ I AM Love In Action

I have been being urged from within to write, and every time I sit down to do so I go blank. Well, tonight the nudge turned into a push in the pool (baptism).  Early this afternoon I received an email requesting I attend a prayer vigil being held for all of those in Hawaii during the hurricane that is approaching the islands. In my heart I know there is a more divine plan than mine, there is a bigger picture than I can see and that when I show up I will be guided with right timing and right action.

Tonight was no different; I showed up and followed my guidance. Within about 5 minutes of the call I knew I was in for a test of pure compassion and non-judgment. I was please to not have emotional reaction to the call or the people on the call and I hung up when I was guided to do so. This was an opening I had not expected, but this ascension trip is one where you are not allowed baggage so I openly keep stepping forward with gratitude and trust in the divine plan at this time.

I can tell you that those on the other side really have a great sense of humor; I can hear them laughing now. So, you can’t find anything to write about? Here you go we will provide an opportunity and a message. I am being shown how quickly I can manifest the very things I do not want to experience.

This morning I was sharing an awareness I had of personal perception, the perception we have of ourselves that keeps us in a box. This box is designed in response to our perception of whom and what we are in this world as we interact with others. The box is formed out of condemnation, criticism, praise, and acceptance and all of the variations of judgment. That is how one defines themselves as a cool kid, rebels or a misfit.

I was sharing the realization that my box was formed around my physical appearance and my orientation. My box is my very own, created by me in response to the experiences and interactions I have had during my life on this planet. I have always been a more masculine energy. No matter how hard my mom tried to get me to carry a purse or wear a dress it just didn’t feel right. Then by the age of 10 or 11 I also started to figure out that I also wasn’t drawn to boys like the other girls were. No matter how hard I tried I just couldn’t make that one feel right either. This was the beginning; there were 2 sides of my box. Over the next 20 years there were many experiences, shifts, changes, and of course more sides to the box, until I was completely covered and feeling safe within the boundaries I had created for myself. If I step this far I am safe, but if I step over there it is not safe (i.e. comfort zone).

We define ourselves in so many ways trying to fit in that by the time we are out of our 20’s we have built a very strong box and often find ourselves isolated, wondering “is there any place for I fit” or resort to the belief of “well this is just the life I was dealt so I will have to deal with it”.

The past eight years have brought much change and awareness to my world, layers have peeled off, self love and well being has poured in and there is an inner peace that resides within. My paradigm is so different than much of humanity experiences and the vast majority of my time I am not exposed to hatred or ill will so tonight really surprised me.

Tonight I answered the call of service and lent my energies to the healing of the planet. I thought I was showing up to send love and healing to the lands of Hawaii, which I did. Little did I know that the healing that took place would actually end up being within my own being, a gift of self healing and forgiveness. The call started out very loving with prayers of well being and quickly turned to prayers of separation, judgment and condemnation.

Ignorance is painful not only to those on the receiving end, but also to those who miss out because of their hatred and loathing.

I quickly was immersed in my box and provided an opportunity to choose. Choose to follow my path of love and compassion in even the most challenging situations or jump up in condemnation of those who helped me build my box. Typically these are not part of my paradigm or walking reality, but are truly a gift of realization.  The realization of how rapidly I truly create my world with every thought, every conversation and every expression of fear or separation I embody. I AM Love In Action, I AM Open Hearted Compassion and I AM Set FREE. The box has started to come apart at the seams and I AM left in gratitude.

“In The Sovereignty of the Mind is Birthed The Divinity of the Soul”

Release of the cellular debris

This is exactly what I have been speaking about and much of what is going on in my world. I am so grateful Karen Dover took time to write about this, as I could not have put it any better myself.

I personally have chosen changes that have supported my human vehicle in releasing incrementally which also have included honoring what my body tells me to do at every moment. For those who are doing so in a kind and gentle way you most likely will not have to experience the extremes of debilitating illness such as Flu, Colds, or viral illness. I hope you enjoy what Karen has to say.

“Drinking plenty of fluids helps to flush out the frequencies that can be viewed as a toxin for the lower dimensional frequencies of the old 3D earth created reality were DESIGNED to DE-CONSTRUCT the human vehicle and not to support it. The New Earth frequencies that are being downloaded and anchored within your cellular structure work to REPAIR and to EXPAND your human vehicle, the direct contrast to what you have been taught to anchor and to work with within the old 3D earth created reality. At all times I would guide you to honor your emotions and that which your human vehicle is asking for at this time.”

Healing the Physical

This last week has been focused on healing the physical body.  In the midst of starting a digestive cleanse and liquid diet to assist in healing my gut, my days rolled into each other.  When I wasn’t drinking something I was either sleeping or taking short walks.  I would log in and check my email from time to time and was really excited to see this post from Karen Dover.  She writes this week much of what has started to come into my  consciousness full head on.  No room for procrastination or excuses. it’s time to commit.  Here is the Link to Karen’s post.  I will write more about my journey in the next day or two.

It cannot be highlighted enough the requirement to exercise CHOICE in all aspects of this your human life experience. For many of you this may seem a very obvious statement and yet there is much that may appear to be hidden. As I stated on the Beyond the Looking Glass Radio Show we are here in a human vehicle, it is NOT TRUTH to deny this to yourself, many are attempting to look after themselves “spiritually” whilst ignoring their human vehicle or vice versa, there is NO sacrifice in the New Earth and any sacrifice is not supported. In the old 3D earth created reality you are continually TAUGHT that if you receive something or accept something it is to the detriment of someone/something else and this is not TRUTH
Read the rest here


Calm In The Eye of The Storm

Over the past few days there has been much in the media about Chick-Fil-A and all of the controversy around good, bad, right and wrong.  People have taken to their FB pages, Blogs, Twitter and Smart Phones to voice what they feel is right.

When looking at the big picture one major thing has been overlooked.  Personal freedoms are at risk here.  I personally shop at places that are inclusive and definitely do not patronize the anti-gay establishments.

Well there is only one establishment I patronize that is anti gay and that is a visit home to see my dad.  While he is not anti-gay and realizes we are all children of god he is married to a woman who does not understand that, but back to the point here… Elected officials are choosing who can build an establishment in their community based on a bigoted stance.  Is this really what we want in the land of the free and the home of the brave?

All of the publicity around gay and lesbian rights is really the same thing that our society went through back in the 60’s with the civil rights movements and those of color.  With all of this publicity the only one winning are the organizations being targeted and the politicians.  Really how can each of us create and be part of the change we want to see?  It is done by daily action, daily decisive interaction and pure intention and commitment.

Today it was announced “The 1st African American and 4th American to win all around Gold at the Olympics! Congratulations to 16 year old champion, Gabby Douglas”   Why in 2012 almost 2013 are we still separating and segregating by gender, ethnicity, orientation, etc?  Do they say the 1st slightly lighter or slightly darker skinned  16 year old Chinese girl took gold at the Olympics?  Really lets celebrate the dedication and commitment it takes to achieving any medal at the Olympics or even being in the ranks of participating in the Olympics.  Let’s celebrate Humanity.

How can we as a Human Race come together?  How can we individually become the calm in the eye of the storm, hold love and compassion in our hearts for all and hold space for those not yet awake enough to realize each and everyone of us is connected to the greater whole of all that is?


Fear, Control, and Imprisonment how we create it.

Previously I wrote about The Dark Crystal. How does the fear of one race, the control of one race, the cannibalism of one race reflect the world we live in today?

Much like this movie, we as a human race have created the haves and the have nots, the worthy and the unworthy. We see it in the government establishments. In the USA right now we are preparing for Presidential election. Taking all political affiliation out of the picture and just looking at the foundation and come from place, what does a true leader embody?

What does your soul align with? It is harmony, love, good for all or is it eat or be eaten mentality? In the past few years we have seen many organizations pop up to help those less fortunate. It is important to be aware of the word “help” and how we show up to help. Whether you look at biblical terms or at terms of a Master, Teacher, or Leader it does not matter, what matters is whether the people being helped are being empowered or just being taken care of.

Empowerment teaches those we come in contact with to become the Teacher or Master of their world. Taking care of is the illusion that one’s world will be made better by the Teacher or Master’s presence. We see this in corporations, in governments, and in families.

When looking at socialized/government programs developed that instill apathy, separation, and the prison of not being able to get far enough ahead to actually break free. We see how one system is created in the eyes of helping but truly is a system of imprisonment.

When we look at community (tribe), where all come together tapping into the gifts within each individual, creating solution and fulfilling a need. We see people empowered and expanded. These people grow and learn and have a spark. They are fueled, feel valued and expand into further creation. Much different than those set up in subsidized housing, living on just enough to keep them alive and trodding off to a job that feeds the system of government funded programs through taxation and paying dues.


Living the life of Conscious Culture™